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            Looking Ahead


            New digital technologies, changing travel patterns and innovative product types are just a few of the forces driving new growth in the travel ecosystem.


            Across-the-board transformation is disrupting travel and hospitality industries.

            Get ready for a future of chatbot services, expanded loyalty ecosystems and tech-driven guest experiences—along with new competition from nontraditional contenders.

            At Cognizant, our years of global experience supporting leading companies give us a unique digital perspective about what’s best for your business.

            Hospitality in the Digital Era

            Here's how to prepare for a future of chatbot services, expanded loyalty ecosystems, staff-less lobbies and tech-driven guest experiences, while facing new competition from nontraditional contenders.

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            Digital Technology Making Fast Food, Even Faster

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              The Challenge

              A quick serve restaurant (QSR) chain needed a mobile app that allows its customers to order food online. To keep pace with the needs and wants of its customers, a major QSR chain has committed to developing its digital, omnichannel capabilities. The business wanted to design and implement a mobile food-ordering app and a strategy for innovation and growth in the digital space. The company needed a partner to play a key role in helping to develop those capabilities and build a platform that would enable opportunities for the digital future.

              Our Approach

              The company selected Cognizant for our strength in mobile solutions, and because we could offer a digital customer strategy that would serve the company’s immediate needs and set it up for long-term success. In developing a mobile application for the company, we started with a digital vision that could be implemented in phases, over time. We conducted workshops and interviews to refine a vision of a “dream app” for the company. Then, we designed the app using an iterative, agile approach in which we built and tested the technology in rapid cycles so we could demonstrate it to the client team, get feedback and make adjustments at several points during development and testing.

              A Food-Ordering App That Ignites Quick Serve

              Now the company can capture valuable data that will help it fully understand its customers’ purchasing patterns and preferences. That, in turn, is enabling the company to develop key performance indicators to measure the app’s effectiveness in meeting company goals, while also gathering valuable feedback from customers on how the app can be improved.

              125-store pilot

              followed by a company-wide rollout


              increase in average check size

              Built for success

              app will support multiple digital channels



            Transform real estate services and deliver real value to your customers with our innovative solutions and deep industry expertise.


            Strengthen your brand and engage your guests in new ways by working with a leader in the restaurants and food service industry.


            Our team has years of experience with global distribution system (GDS) platforms as well as retail and online travel companies.


            Cognizant is a top service provider to the entire Travel Ribbon, serving airlines, hotel operators and vacation ownerships, rental cars and cruise lines.

            Travel & Retail: Exploiting Synergies to Boost Performance

            Digital renewal provides the travel and retail sectors with a unique ability to collaborate to build more personal and immersive experiences that enhance loyalty at reduced cost.

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            Trust Cognizant to deliver consulting and solutions tailored to the business and technology challenges all travel and hospitality companies face.

            • Adaptive Spaces

              Transform the way customers interact with your business spaces—and turn your physical space into a differentiator, not a drag on your resources.

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            • Store Support and Service Desk CoE

              With customers enjoying an abundance of choices and business pressures intensifying on measures like same-store sales, stores need to resolve point of sale (POS) and back-of-house support issues fast, so they can focus their time on helping customers and generating revenue. Our Store Support and Service Desk center of excellence (CoE) supports stores and franchises in their technology and business needs in an effective and measurable manner to provide a seamless customer experience.

            • OrderServ—Omnichannel Ordering Solution

              Our customizable technology platform provides an omnichannel, seamless ecommerce experience that integrates orders with every aspect of your enterprise—from the restaurant POS to the kitchen management system to the enterprise systems that track sales and transactions. OrderServ can support you in building strong loyalty programs with targeted offers and rewards by leveraging advanced analytics tools.    

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