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            Driving the Revolution


            With manufacturing being a huge contributor to global growth, the transformation to a digital enterprise is critical to both the ongoing health of individual manufacturers—and to the economy overall.


            Manufacturers have a massive opportunity to make innovative products with new levels of personalization and efficiency.

            From analytics and automation to artificial intelligence, new digital skills and technologies are changing how manufacturers work. Yet, leadership in the digital economy requires more than smart factories and integrated systems. It also demands new capabilities that empower you to make critical business decisions based on real-time contextual data.

            It’s the biggest opportunity of the age, and Cognizant is here to help you make the transition effectively.



            Helping automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers and dealers run connected vehicle ecosystems with enhanced supply chain management and after-market processes.


            Helping manufacturers of heavy equipment, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC/R), industrial supplies and automation systems build more connected products and boost the bottom line.


            Services for clients in the chemicals, building materials, pulp and paper, and mining sectors to streamline processes and gain operational visibility.

            Blockchain in Manufacturing: Enhancing Trust, Cutting Costs and Lubricating Processes

            Manufacturers recognize the disruptive potential of blockchain to streamline complex supply chain operations. Yet, most manufacturers are not moving aggressively to prepare for the transformative changes that blockchain will bring.

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            Our team of dedicated business consulting professionals ensures that manufacturing clients get the business results they expect from their technology investments and digital programs.

            • Outbound Logistics Solutions for Automotive OEMs

              Our outbound logistics (OBL) solutions help clients turn their OBL processes into a source of competitive advantage. Our digital solutions cover the physical and information flows of the OBL process and enable close monitoring and real-time computation of key performance indicators (KPIs). We support the entire OBL value chain and the associated IT applications and infrastructure.

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            • Connected Car Solutions for Automotive

              Car360 is our connected car solution suite, offering digital lifestyle applications for a personalized automotive brand experience. Car360 includes both on-board and off-board applications for personal use and fleet management purposes. The power of Car360 lies in its ability to integrate digital technologies, such as vehicle telematics, sensors, mobility, social media, cloud infrastructure and big data analytics.

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            • Field Services Management for Industrial Manufacturers

              We offer comprehensive solutions to manage the field services operations of manufacturers, ensuring first?time right-service provisioning and effective service staff management. We help our clients transition from traditional equipment selling to a service delivery based business model enabled by digital technologies. We also have a plug?and?play offering that provides manufacturers with field services capabilities using Cognizant intellectual property.

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            • REACH Compliance Framework for Chemical Manufacturers

              iREACH is Cognizant’s proprietary solution to help process manufacturing clients attain compliance with the REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) regulations of the European Union by building an information base from existing enterprise applications and guiding users through REACH stages with in-built configurable workflows.




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            Serving customers by looking forward as well as back is a big promise, but the power of today's new digital capabilities is vast and growing.

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