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            Quality and Speed for Success With Digital


            Success in the digital era requires enterprises to achieve high quality at equally high speed. Cognizant helps you achieve quality and speed as you reimagine your business, technology and customer experience.


            End-to-end quality assurance.

            As enterprises simplify, modernize and secure their legacy environments for the digital era, robust quality assurance (QA) is essential. Quality takes an end-to-end connotation and must straddle both legacy and digital systems.

            Cognizant Quality Engineering & Assurance (QE&A) is reimagining QA for you, employing an end-to-end ecosystem approach with intelligent and automated QA processes. In so doing, you gain quality and speed to promote faster business and technology change, as well as a better customer experience.




            Cognizant Quality Engineering & Assurance helps you succeed in digital with quality and speed.

            With more than 650 clients across industry verticals and a global footprint, Cognizant QE&A is a recognized thought leader in quality assurance.

            At QE&A, putting quality in the fast lane with relentless automation and intelligent QA is just the beginning. QE&A is reimagining quality with QA Hub?, an ecosystem approach that merges deep industry expertise with QA intellectual property and innovation, supported by compelling partnerships and vibrant communities. Indeed, there is so much opportunity when the quality is right.



              Cognizant connects QA outcomes closely to business outcomes by elevating QA from application quality to business process.

              Beyond QA: business process assurance for the Digital Age

              By focusing on Business Process Assurance (BPA), enterprises and their quality assurance teams can deliver applications and services that meet the demands imposed by digital transformation.

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              Business Process Testing

              Business process-aligned QA solutions, built on our industry knowledge and library of domain test assets, that address your business objectives.

              User Acceptance Testing

              End-to-end testing of your applications that assure quality for the end user. 

              Assurance for Blockchain 

              Blockchain compliance and regulatory adherence ensure your applications meet industry and geo-specific regulations and compliance requirements.



              As technology comes front and center of every digital agenda, our end-to-end assurance solutions cover your entire digital technology stack—including social, mobile, analytics, cloud and IoT technologies—to ensure it plays well with your traditional enterprise technology stack. 

              The Internet of Things: QA Unleashed

              A paradigm shift is required in QA to embrace the technology changes in the products and services offered in IoT’s wide spectrum.

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              IoT Assurance

              Industry-aligned assurance solutions for IoT using robotics, sensor virtualization and ecosystem test automation.

              Mobility Assurance

              End-to-end assurance for your mobile applications, powered by our automation Intellectual Properties (IPs) and on-demand devices.

              Cloud Migration Assurance

              A 360-degree assurance framework ensures the cloud attributes that are key to the success of your migration to the cloud.

              Big Data Assurance

              Big data testing solutions that assure variety and velocity of data for your enterprise applications.

              Technology Assurance Labs

              In-region, cloud-based Technology Assurance labs that enable localized testing of your digital technology solutions, using cloud infrastructure and on-demand provisioning of devices.



              Ensure unmatched customer experience for your applications through QA solutions that focus on performance, security and usability. We bring a 360-degree view of quality by complementing business and technology assurance with a CX focus.   

              Customer Experience Testing: The Key to Digital Success

              As digital pervades nearly every aspect of our personal and professional lives, businesses must embrace and execute a well-defined customer experience testing strategy that keeps customers loyal and satisfied.

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              Performance Testing

              Performance testing of your applications built on myriad technologies and integrated ecosystems for a seamless customer experience. 

              Security Testing

              SAST- and DAST-aligned assurance solutions that address the security and vulnerability requirements of digital ecosystems. 

              Accessibility Testing

              Validation of your user interface design and usability elements, including ease of navigation and omnichannel access to drive user adoption and advocacy.

              Crowd-Sourced CX Assurance

              Crowd-Sourced testing of end users’ experience, using our fastest platform for on-demand test services, tools, cloud-based device labs, IPs and test infrastructure.



              At Cognizant, we embed intelligence and automation as the core constructs of quality assurance, using cognitive capabilities and a lifecycle approach to automation.

              From Data to Insights: How IT Operations Data Can Boost Quality

              By leveraging highly analyzed operational data—the voice of customers, machines and tests—QA and IT groups can derive major gains in app quality and in user experience.

              VIEW PDF HIVECENTER?
              Quality Insights

              Build actionable insights into quality by using AI and machine learning capabilities. Integrated QA analytics across the software lifecycle enable early defect detection and test optimization. End user insights enrich existing business processes and help build superior products and services.

              Automated Business Process Testing

              Our business process-aligned automation uses a patented algorithm based on natural language processing for automated generation of test cases. 

              In-Sprint Automation 

              Our Scriptless Test Automation solution facilitates continuous testing of your mobile and web applications in DevOps and agile environments.

              Bot-Assisted Testing 

              Configurable robots for automated testing of human-machine and machine-machine interactions at the physical/digital boundary for IoT.



            of enterprises regard quality and speed as the keys to digital success.
            — Forrester Consulting study commissioned by Cognizant

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            OUR PARTNERS

            We form partnerships and strategic alliances with world-class organizations to expand our service offerings and deliver comprehensive solutions to clients. Strategic alliances with the world's leading companies enable us to provide complete solutions to your business and IT challenges.

            Amazon Web Services

            Cognizant is a Premier Consulting Partner for AWS, an AWS Channel Reseller, an AWS Managed Services Partner, an AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) Partner and an AWS Marketplace Reseller. In addition, Cognizant has accredited status with AWS for healthcare and life sciences, financial services, migration competency, big data, Workspaces and SharePoint.


            Together, Cognizant and Microsoft are accelerating digital transformation for our customers. Partners for 15 years, we have a mutual focus on putting the customer first. We are helping our customers rethink, reinvent and rewire their organizations to unleash new potential with a mobile-first, cloud-first approach.


            Serving customers by looking forward as well as back is a big promise, but the power of today's new digital capabilities is vast and growing.

            Let's talk about how digital can work for your business.

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