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            Real world IoT at the speed of digital.

            Smart products and solutions fueled by IoT and the arrival of 5G will soon touch every aspect of our lives. Some will even think for us. Across industries, companies that connect products, operations and the enterprise create actionable intelligence—giving them increased efficiency, improved productivity and transformed products.

            Cognizant makes IoT real, connecting the digital and physical worlds to create intelligence.

            Success today means getting your best ideas to market faster and to operate differently to drive new value. Our digital and engineering architects help our clients shift from pilot solutions to production at enterprise scale. We help companies develop a strategy and approach to implement integrated digital initiatives and ecosystems that deliver value at every step.

            Connected enterprises depend on human insight. They deliver better customer experiences (CX) and increased value. They provide you competitive advantage. The key is connectivity.

            Stepping into the Digital Future with IoT

            How 14 companies across industries are demonstrating the reality of IoT at scale and generating actionable intelligence to fuel higher levels of efficiency, innovation and new business models.

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            Microsoft 2019 
            US Partner Award for Intelligent Cloud—Internet of Things

            This award recognizes Cognizant’s leadership in customer impact, solution innovation, deployment and exceptional use of advanced features in Microsoft technologies over the past year. Our partnership with Microsoft has assisted multiple customers in their IoT journey, scaling proofs-of-concept to full scale deployments. 

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            Making Spaces Smart

            Facilty managers are benefitting not just from reduced energy usage, increased uptime of equipment, streamlined operations and regulatory compliance, but also from predictive maintenance of buildings. Learn four steps for organizations to move from vision to reality.

            Five Converging Forces that Are Driving Technological Evolution

            The digital era is catalyzing business, unleashing technological change that may appear chaotic on the surface but is resulting in massively powerful systems of intelligence that enable humans and machines to collaborate securely.

            Nurturing Digital Twins: How to Build Virtual Instances of Physical Assets to Boost Performance

            Assess your readiness, define and communicate a vision, set common data management rules and build in flexibility for intelligence.

            How to Turn IoT into the Internet of Us with Human Insight

            By incorporating human behavior knowledge into their IoT solutions, businesses can reduce adoption risk, improve productivity, compress development cycles, and realize ROI more quickly.

            Industry 4.0: Moving from Vision to Reality

            Here’s how seven manufacturers are doing what it takes to compete in the next industrial era.

            Four Keys to Success With Industry 4.0

            By fully understanding the complexities of Industry 4.0 and IoT initiatives, manufacturers can optimize the outcomes of these endeavors.



            The physical-digital convergence on factory floors, where 3D printing, sensors, robotics and machine learning are increasing efficiency, reducing downtime and enabling agility. We’re seeing it become more pervasive in intelligent products, where IoT platforms are enabling remote monitoring, near-real-time service and proactive field servicing. 

            We’re seeing it in new industrial information ecosystems, in which traditional businesses have learned to monetize their IoT capabilities to offer new data-rich services. 

            Where do you begin? How do you determine where to invest for the greatest return? Which use cases are delivering the greatest value? How do you move from a pilot to scale? What are the leading practices in building a robust architecture and blueprint to scale? We have the answers and solutions.



              IoT-enabled products will soon touch every aspect of our lives. Whatever your industry and whatever customers you serve, the key to succeeding in the new world of digital is getting your best ideas to market. That means having a business case for IoT, as well as the right resources in place to move quickly and deliver value. Our team can help you identify and realize opportunities along the path, from idea to market—while navigating the complexities of today’s rapidly evolving technologies.

              IoT Strategy & Advisory Services

              The internet of things is creating new growth opportunities and changing how business runs. Learn how it will impact your business, and if you are ready for it. 

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              Connected Reference Architecture & Toolkit 

              Enterprises can deploy successful IoT programs with proven enterprise-grade architectures, tools and time-tested practices and avoid common implementation pitfalls.

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              Manufacturers face unprecedented challenges from global competition, changing business models, increased regulation and rising customer needs. They must deliver ever-higher levels of quality and more easily customized products at ever-lower prices, while meeting stricter safety and security requirements. We create a platform-agnostic blueprint to drive convergence between information technology and operational technology systems, with seamless integration between the physical world of machines, environment and products and the enterprise system layers.

              Connected Factories

              Learn how integrating manufacturing data and processes with analytics delights customers, enables higher margin products and services, and streamlines manufacturing while slashing inventory, rework and maintenance costs.

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              Cognizant OnePlantTM

              Know how to pivot your silo-based manufacturing operations to a more integrated framework capable of dealing with new requirements for mass customization.

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              BOTTOM LINE

              Leveraging digital connectivity and IoT is the way forward for facilities. It yields lower overheads, improved customer experience and a better bottom line. Digital connectivity now touches every aspect of our lives, and facilities management presents compelling opportunities to improve operational performance—with efficiency gains, energy cost savings and improved environmental conditions for workers and customers. Our team provides services tailored specifically to building owners and operators and adaptable to your global footprint.

              Connected Places

              Buildings are getting smart. Learn how you can optimize facilities management to save money, improve operations and enhance customer experience.

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              Great design leverages human-centric principles across the product lifecycle, from concept to closure. Our product engineering solutions help you envision and build connected products that operate seamlessly within your ecosystem and leverage analytics to unlock value. We provide turnkey product design and development solutions for the digital era—from insights to design, from development to qualification, from product management to pilot production.

              Connected Things Solutions

              Learn how to redefine next-generation product development that creates high-quality, connected products faster—while controlling costs and delivering on customer demands.

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              Digital PLM

              Capture the transformational business value in your product data to cut cycle times, improve operations and drive revenue, customer satisfaction and market share.

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              CX TAKES TO THE ROAD

              Today’s consumers consider their vehicles a key component of a connected lifestyle. We offer solutions to create new business models that deliver operational efficiencies and superior customer experiences in cars, trucks or heavy equipment. From concept to implementation, our solutions focus on diagnostics, mobile and home automation integration, safety and fuel efficiency.


            OUR PARTNERS

            We form partnerships and strategic alliances with world-class organizations to expand our service offerings and deliver comprehensive solutions to clients. Strategic alliances with the world's leading companies enable us to provide complete solutions to your business and IT challenges.

            Cisco Internet of Things
            Hitachi Insights Group – Internet of Things Solutions


            Jun 26, 2019
            Cognizant has won the 2019 Microsoft US (MSUS) Partner Award for Intelligent Cloud – Internet of Things (IoT)

            This award recognizes Cognizant’s leadership in customer impact, solution innovation, deployment and exceptional use of advanced features in Microsoft technologies over the past year.

            Jun 18, 2019
            Zenith Technologies is now a Cognizant Company

            The Zenith acquisition extends Cognizant's capabilities for designing, implementing and managing Industry 4.0 solutions connecting operational and information technology systems for connected biopharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers.

            May 07, 2019
            AVEVA and Cognizant Expand R&D Partnership to Build Next-Gen Industrial Software

            Cognizant's digital, industrial IoT, and product, cloud and software engineering experts will work in close collaboration with AVEVA's industry experts to design and build a wide range of complex engineering and industrial software.

            JANUARY 31, 2019
            Cognizant Named Leader in Manufacturing PLM by IDC

            “In the new era of connectivity promising faster and better experiences, manufacturers are challenged with ‘how’ they transform to meet the new product demands and create business value,” said Jeff Hojlo, Program Director, Product Innovation Strategies at IDC.

            January 22, 2019
            ET Auto, India: Cognizant’s Vice President, Connected Products, Makes the Case for Industrial IoT

            "If top players approach it right by attracting and retaining top talent and invest in the necessary tools and technologies, IIoT has tremendous potential for the future growth of the manufacturing sector,” writes Madhuraj Jadhav, VP Cognizant Connected Products.


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