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            Disrupt with purpose. Deliver in the moment.

            Staying out in front of the competition is tough when the next “Uber” can come from anywhere. We help you reinvent business models and innovate products that create new value—by connecting people with things, insights and experiences.

            Everything you wanted to know about the future of your work but were afraid to ask

            We’ve compiled a field guide that maps out where we are and where we’re going in the very near future when it comes to the new world of work.

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            Accelerate business growth and outcomes with AI

            How 11 organizations are using artificial intelligence to accelerate decision-making, improve business processes, enhance user engagement, reduce costs, and drive remarkable growth and profitability.

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            How to win in the experience economy

            In the experience economy, not all experiences are alike. Rather than mass-producing experiences, brands need to allow for personal expression. Experiences must allow for the expression and projection of personal identity.

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            Through Thick and Thin: Making Artificial Intelligence Work in the Real World

            Gain insights on how companies are realizing success with AI by first identifying the business algorithms that make their organizations tick, and then developing the technology algorithms that support them.

            Seven Ways Traditional Companies Can Succeed With Disruptive Innovation

            The disruptive innovation track involves beating upstarts at their own game by creating new products and services adjacent to the core business to find and win the next exponential growth market.

            The Internet of Us: Why Human Experience Is Vital to Building Useful IoT Applications

            Human experience must be at the core of design. Our business model requires sound insight into the behavior of humans to ensure solution design fits their needs.

            Bridging the Customer Experience Gap

            Learn about six fundamental areas that you can improve to respond to customer needs successfully, closing the gap between your business and what competitors offer and between what should be and what is is currently delivered to customers.

            A Guide to Digital Asset Management: Unlocking Personalization

            Businesses must tailor their content to the specific interests, needs and pain points of their users.

            The Shape of Things to Come: 42 Things to Know About the Future of Work

            Where we are and where we’re going in the very near future when it comes to the new world of work.




              Imagine a business that always stays ahead of market changes, anticipates customer desires, and forecasts faster and more accurately than competitors. This intelligent business knows what is happening and why it is happening, and prescribes the best decisions to make. Now, Cognizant uses Evolutionary AI to model every aspect of a business to solve for multi-objective outcomes in even the most complex conditions. 

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              Digital engineering transforms customer journeys, rapid innovation launches new brands, and industry-first technology resets customer expectations.  

              Evolving traditional business into a digital-first mindset can overwhelm the most diligent organizations. Innovation—even with the best of intentions—has the potential to interrupt the operations. Most companies cannot afford to veer off course. 

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            • DIGITAL STRATEGY


              As digital tools proliferate, so too do the number of customer demands and internal pressure to deliver digital-ready products and services.

              Implementing an effective digital strategy across front-, middle- and back-office IT environments is crucial to staying relevant. Yet, the urgent need to create and act on a digital strategy gives rise to a host of complex problems that enterprises must sort out quickly—or risk falling behind.

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            • INTERACTIVE


              Cognizant Interactive designs and builds well-crafted experiences for customers and employees by aligning a company’s systems and stories. Our process is grounded in the philosophy that any human experience must be informed by what people feel, what they need—beyond what they want—and what it takes to make it happen.

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            • INTERNET OF THINGS


              Smart products and solutions fueled by IoT and the arrival of 5G will soon touch every aspect of our lives. Some will even think for us. Across industries, companies that connect products, operations and the enterprise create actionable intelligence—giving them increased efficiency, improved productivity and transformed products.

              Cognizant makes IoT real, connecting the digital and physical worlds to create intelligence. Success today means getting your best ideas to market faster and operating differently to drive new value.

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            October 8, 2019
            AdAge, U.S.: Brand Partners with Brooklyn-Based Creative Content Shop Mustache to Kick Off World’s Quietest Revolution

            Resident's Nectar mattress brand launches "Awaken Great Sleep" ad campaign featuring motivational sleeper Yawn Yawnson.

            August 29, 2019
            RT Insights, U.S.: Maximizing Your Digital Transformation Experience

            “The new digital theater of interacting with customers and engaging them confounded businesses that had been prospering for more than fifty years,” writes Andres Angelani, CEO, Cognizant Softvision.

            August 26, 2019
            Forbes, U.S.: Making Innovation Possible in a Data-Drenched World

            In his forthcoming book, Transforming While Performing: How to Create a Culture of Innovation with Partners, Angelani says digital helps open the gates of rapid, fail-fast type of innovation. He outlines the key elements of innovation: starting with a gamification approach to meeting objectives, along with a design approach to management.

            August 20, 2019
            MG Motor India Teams with Cognizant to Create Omnichannel Digital Customer Experience for India's First 'Connected Internet Car'

            Cognizant (Nasdaq: CTSH) today announced that it has designed and implemented a digital solution enabling MG Motor India to deliver a seamless and intuitive brand experience to customers of the Hector SUV—the country's first ‘connected internet car’.

            August 14, 2019
            Forbes, U.S.: Do Bots Deliver Better Customer Service?

            “Bots ensure that every user gets the very best experience,” says Bret Greenstein, Vice President and Global Head of Artificial Intelligence, Cognizant Digital Business. “This kind of interaction allows a company to digitize the complete user experience, providing tremendous data and insights about what customers want, how they ask for help, and how they feel.”

            March 26, 2019
            Cognizant Named Adobe’s 2019 Delivery Quality Solution Partner of the Year

            Cognizant has been named Adobe’s 2019 “Delivery Quality Solution Partner of the Year” for Digital Experience in the Americas for the second consecutive year.

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